It's recommended that you contact us early to get on our waiting list if you are interested in a puppy (especially for a show puppy). We have a full waiting list for 2018 puppies. 




We're expecting a visit from a very special lady from North Carolina to be bred to our Wilson (GrCH Ironwood Sweet Soul Music at Tooker)! Puppies will be whelped at Ironwood. Contact us for more details.


Our CH Ironwood Under the Boardwalk (Sandy) will be bred to a handsome man on the east coast. Stay tuned or contact us for more details.




(not for sale - owned by Sindy Buford)

Ironwood beagle puppies are bred after careful health screening of parents, study of pedigrees and fault-offset.  We breed for sound temperaments as we know that even our show puppies must be enjoyable as family companions.  Our other priorities are correct structure and movement, and good health.  We breed a maximum of two litters per year and do maintain a waiting list for puppies.


Our puppy buyers must complete a screening questionnaire so that we can match the correct puppy to the right home, with the goal of making permanent placements.  However, we stand behind our puppies for life.  A fenced yard is recommended when purchasing a puppy from Ironwood. 


Occasionally we have older puppies or adult beagles for sale, but this is rare.  We're happy to refer to other reputable breeders if we do not have anything available.  We also refer to BREW Midwest Beagle Rescue.


Please note that we do not breed specifically for field or hunting beagles.  If you're searching for a hunting companion, our beagles will probably not be a good match.


Puppies leave Ironwood between 8-12 weeks of age.  Pets are sold on limited registration and must be spayed or neutered at the appropriate age as recommended by the buyer's veterinarian. 


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